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How to plant seed bombs

Seed bombs are such a fun way to introduce your kids to gardening, or spread some color into a boring space in your backyard. There is a couple of different schools of thought on how to do it, so let's explore a couple of the best ways to go about it.


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First and foremost – ensure your seed bomb has a great home

Location, Location, Location. Depending on the type of flower you are trying to grow, where you plant the bomb is very important. For best results, you want to make sure that the bomb is in a position that it can get at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight each day – the more the merrier.


Secondly – make sure the soil is great as well

Whether you are using a pot, or planting into the ground, to give yourself the best chance of flowers blooming you need to make sure that you have fresh soil, clear of other plants and weeds that may have been there previously. Spend a bit of time preparing the soil with a shovel or a till, to ensure it is well oxygenated and ready for your seed bomb.


Thirdly – they need to be watered every day


Seed bombs can't do it on their own. They need lots of sun, but also water to grow. If your bomb is planted in a place where it doesn't get consistent rainfall or access to a sprinkler system, you will need to water it every day. Either use a spray bottle to keep your bomb soaked, or a gentle spray from the hose. Plants are very delicate in the early days of germination, so if you do use a hose, make sure you use a spray nozzle.


Method one: Soak it

No sense of making things too complicated if you haven't spent too much time in the garden before. The simplest way to plant a seed bomb is to wet it and place it on the dirt.

Soak your bombs in a glass of fresh water for approximately 5-10 seconds. Be careful not to soak it too much as they will eventually break up. You want the bomb to be soaked through and soft.

You don't need to dig a hole to plant your bombs, just place it on top of the soil and push down till it is 20-50% immersed in the soil. Make sure you have given sufficient room between your bombs if you are planting more than one. The amount of room you need will depend on the type of flower you are planting. Sunflower seed bombs should be planted approximately 8cm apart.


Method two: Drown it

Method two comes with courtesy from my mother. This method works well if you are planting into the ground or into a pot, and whether you are planting one bomb or twenty one bombs

This is also a great solution if you were intending on following method one and you soaked it a little too long!

Place your bomb into a glass and fill it until it is just covered with water. Don’t fill up the glass. If you are planting more than one, you're gonna need a bigger boat. A jug or a vase would work well.

Once the water and the bombs are together, swish the water around until it breaks apart and becomes mostly liquid, sort of like a hideously disgusting chocolate milk.

If you are planting more than one, draw a line in your soil with two fingers or a shovel where you want the flowers to be, approximately 2-3cm deep. Pour the liquid into the line you have just made, as evenly as possible

If you are just planting one, just make a little hole, again 2-3cm deep for the liquid to go in and pour it on in.

Just promise me you won't drink it



Method three: Break it up, people

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This method is great if you don't necessarily mind where the flowers grow, or if your bombs have already broken up! Take one of your bombs and break it up in your hands. If you are doing multiple, break them up into a container so that you can spread them together. Spread your mixture evenly across the target area, make sure you give it a really good water!

If you are taking this route, you might like to consider planting at night. Planting during the day will mean that your soil will dry quickly. A great solution Is to plant your bombs in the evening, and water them in the morning. Another reason it is a good reason to plant at night is that it is usually less windy at night. If you have broken up your bombs, definitely do not plant when it is windy as you will end up losing half of your mixture!


Lastly – a fertilizer will always help things along!

Plants are just like humans – whilst sun and water are great, they need food to grow! Using a bit of liquid fertilizer on your plants is an easy way to give them a great start at life. Seasol Pots and Plants Fertilizer is a good option for an easy spray on fertilizer as it is completely natural, and it can be used all year round without harming the environment. It is made from a seaweed extract, which means it is safe on all plants including natives.

You can pick it up from Bunnings, or any good garden store


Alright, enough reading – when will I get flowers?

You can expect germination somewhere from 7-14 days after you planted them. Flowers are a different story however, depending on the type of species they may flower in the first year, whilst some will flower from the second year onwards. Care for your plant and it will thank you with its magnificent rewards!



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